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Tracker box - A complete solution of GPS (Global positioning system)

Tracker box For Company vehicles, Plant & Equipment, Mining, Transport, Insurance Telematics, Small Business, Corporate, Government
Customised SolutionsCloud software for organisations with mobile staff.
Scaleable From Small Business to Corporate & Government

Safety of your loved ones

Know real time location of the vehicles of your loved ones and take first step in ensuring their safety

Efficiencies in Fleet management

By using our fleet management and vehicle tracking system you can plan and execute your logistics better

Reduce Fuel cost

Expensive fuel consumes a lot of cost, user our vehicle tracking system to plan the most efficient route and conserve energy

Higher customer satisfaction

The VTS helps you to keep higher customer satisfaction


Tracker box is the best in class GPS (Global positioning system) service provider to give you seamless experience to track your vehicles. The tracker box is the leading GPS based vehicle tracking solution which takes care of all your fleet management related requirements.

Real Time Tracking Where are they now?
Replay Journeys Where have they been
Generate Reports Improve Efficiency
Receive Alerts Security & Safety
Plan Routes Save Travelling Time
Specialized solutions for Schools and corporates

Tracker Box At Your Finger Tips - Growing Your Business

Tracker Box includes an easy to use dashboard providing the ability to quickly locate all vehicles, receive alerts, and generate management reports in real time. It gives you a wealth of information and KPIs at your fingertips including:-

  • Live Tracking of all vehicles
  • Journey Replay
  • Security & Safety Alerts
  • Poor Driving Behaviour Alerts
  • Journey Time & Distance Reports
  • Stop Time & Location Reports
  • Alerts if vehicle goes outside permissible area or zone
  • Alerts and report while entering or exiting from Point of interest