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Car Tracking solution

Safety of your loved ones is always a concern and first step towards it to know the location of their vehicle. It might not be possible for you to pick and drop them always but still you can give them a sense of safety by knowing their location.

Key Features of car tracking solution

  • Live track your vehicle through Mobile App or Web App.
  • Alerts when driver over speeds or takes your car out of some geographical zone.
  • Immobilizer and SOS button gives you safety from theft or loot.
  • Reports like history report, stoppage report, area in and out report etc.

Key Benefits of car tracking solution

  • Know the position of your vehicle 24/7 and be peaceful.
  • Quick response to the emergency situation since the car can be tracked easily.
  • Saving of cost by ensuring that unauthorized use of car is not done.
  • Locate your vehicle in case of theft and recover quickly.