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School Bus tracking solution

Tracker box school bus tracking systemguards your beloved students when you are not around them, the system gives you real time update about the kids on different bus routes. The school buses can be tracked by school admin and parents so that they get real time update about the school buses.

Few Features of School Bus Tracking Solution

  • Live tracking of the school buses through mobile and web app by parents and school admin.
  • Alerts to the parents on Mobile App / SMS when bus is about to reach the stops.
  • Alerts to the parents when students have boarded or de boarded the school bus.
  • Alerts to the school admin when the driver is crossing the speed limit, when the bus goes off route.
  • 1 month data can be retrieved anytime.
  • Multiple types of reports like stoppage report, run report, in bus attendance report etc.

Key Benefits of School Bus Tracking Solution

  • Safety of your supreme asset your school kids, when the parents gets live status updates about their wards movement
    it gives them a sense of safety and creates goodwill of the school in the eyes of the society.
  • The trackerbox gives your school a competitive edge a differentiating factor to stand out in the industry.
  • Reduce cost of fuel and manpower as all the movement of the bus can be tracked by the school admin.
  • Quick response to the emergency situation since the bus can be tracked easily.