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Vehicle tracking solution

Tracker Box is the leading solution provider for vehicle tracking system is India. We provide end to end solution for your fleet of vehicles.

Few Features of VTS

  • Real time tracking of your vehicle from anywhere and anytime through web and mobile application- you get access of
    your vehicles round the clock from anywhere, you can see the location on the map and be assured of the safety of your vehicles.
  • Ideal time reporting and route play back- Efficient and most effective usage of the vehicle results in the saving on the
    cost of operations. When the driver takes most efficient route it helps in saving on expensive fuel.
  • Alerts on over speeding, excessive dealing, entry or exit into particular areas / Sites / Cities etc.
  • Multiple types of reports to give insights about the performance, tracking and information about the fleet.
  • History of vehicle for 1 month is available which can retrieved at any given point of time
  • Dashboard gives you complete view and summary of the fleet on one screen.
  • Immobilizer can be used as a protection against theft you can stop your vehicle by sending a message.
  • SOS button helps in informing the fleet owners for any adverse situation.

Key Benefits of VTS

  • Safety of your loved ones / Employees is the primary concern for all of us and knowing their vehicles position is the
    first step towards ensuring the safety of our people.
  • Higher customer satisfaction will be the result for your business when you give them correct information about
    goods/vehicles they are waiting for, you build a reputation in the industry.
  • Saving on the fuel cost- when the driver takes the most efficient route you save a lot on the fuel cost. You also save a
    lot on the phone bills, now you don’t have to make multiple calls to the drivers or customers.
  • Efficient utilization of resources when you have a system to track your vehicles you can know the productive hours
    and better manage them.
  • Ease of recovery if the vehicle is stolen you can track down the location or immobilize the vehicle.
  • Key insights of the business can be known by using reports of the system which helps in informed decision making.